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Thu, Dec. 15th, 2005, 09:43 am
And I shout that you're all fakes, and you should have seen the look on your face.

Why is modest mouse so good. I'm up really early right now, i guess it's early considering that i haven't really slept in three days because of finals...which are over. My mom is on her way to get my shit so becuase i can't carry it all home on friday. Maybe i'll get dressed and go to the photo lab. fuck it, i'll probably go back to bed.

Break should be good. I'm really going to miss it here, i'll probably come back and forth a lot. I guess things are pretty good and even right now. There are a lot of things i'm looking forward to. Last night wasn't that great though.Most of the night was, but towards the end it was just shitty because i got in a fight with chris, whatever he provoked it, but he is probably right about a lot of things.

you know you've got a good guy when he'll walk you home, no matter how cold, drunk, or tired he is. that's the test.

and my knuckles say 'fist fuck'

i've got to stop drinking.

Fri, Dec. 9th, 2005, 12:39 pm
but we'd hope that you would anyway.

i feel good right now.

i feel really good about going home for break and seeing my best friends.

I hope i get everything done that i need to before and during break.

Wed, Dec. 7th, 2005, 07:25 pm
you're going to figure out one day that you're not that great.

In the studio, once again. I really would like to be doing better in most areas. I feel like i'm slacking a lot. I'm getting away with it pretty well, but what is the point of paying so much money to go to school if you're just taking short cuts. You're really only hurting yourself. Today in photo we had some seniors show their work and talk about it. There were two girls that had some awesome work, I asked them what they wanted to do when they graduated, and they had no idea. I really hope that doesnt happen to me. I have a lot that i want to do, i just hope that i am able to.

I'm trying to stay positive about certain things, but someone has really been getting on my nerves. I'm really tired of shitty people, how how self-absorbed they are. It's really disappointing when someone you've known for so long really just ends up to be as bad as everyone thought.

I saw two really amazing shows in the past two weeks, Bouncing souls, and then against me. The souls show was so good, i wish that my roommate could have gone. They played a lot they usually never play. Going with adam and angie was also great, not to mention seeing a bunch of my friends there. Against me was pretty good. I left with my jeans completely soaked.They played a lot that i wanted to hear, but i wish they would break down and just do an acoustic set once and a while. I rode my bike there with emily and that was pretty awesome.

I can't wait for break to see julia and begin to start writing new music, i've been recording different sounds and i'm excited to work those in.

Hopefully emily and i will be able to complete our east coast tour over break.

Beulah is such a good band, i'm really glad Brian showed them to me.

boots and bees, you're pulling socks to your knees, and these pipes will lead me past the streets through the city, out to sea.

Sun, Dec. 4th, 2005, 04:44 am
there's apples in the trees.

Its snowing right now. First snow of the season. I rode my bike to tom's and we went on the rooftop of his apartment complex and it was really nice to see the buildings covered in snow.

my face hurts so bad right now, but it's one of my favorite feelings. my cheeks are really red and numb.

Things are going pretty well. I hope i get up early tomorrow and get some more work done before school starts.

Wed, Nov. 30th, 2005, 09:39 am
are you even real

i slept through my drawing class today, so i have about 5 drawings i need to make up.

I've got this good vibe going on right now. I'm pretty stoked on it. i'm going to stay up all weekend and do all my work so i can relax before crits. The photo lab is open late now so i've been in and out, i have so many prints i want to do. I need to start getting things for christmas, i'm really siked to give out the gifts i have in mind for my everyone. Hope it all works out.

Mon, Nov. 28th, 2005, 11:32 pm

im in a really good mood right now.


Sun, Nov. 27th, 2005, 06:20 pm
listen honey there is nothing you can say

i have a paper to write. but i'm not stressed, i dont really get stressed out about anything anymore. I know it will get done, so why worry about it. break was pretty alright. I got to see a lot of people. I didn't realize how much i missed certain people until i saw them.

I want to buy a huge house and have all my friends live with me, and build forts and watch movies on a the biggest couch ever. And who else is going to go to the diner with me at 5am besides kate marosky. I am so siked about that. i am so happy that we are close again, i think about all the people i'm close with and then there is kate. fucking top shelf.

mike is top shelf too. easy. we had a good talk the other night, even if we were both wasted. he probably doesnt even remember what he told me.

saw beauty and the beast, the play, with my mom saturday night. it was so good. The best was this little girl who sat behind me and sang all the songs, she was so excited about the whole thing. It reminded me of being six and just being so in to the movie.

i've been pretty even lately, but right now i'm in this really good mood. I'm trying to stay as positive as possible, i think it's working out pretty well.

Mon, Nov. 14th, 2005, 10:23 am
runnin' on empty.

So i'm in 3d right now. we're not doing anything so i'm doing this.

This weekend was pretty great. Kate came down thursday night to hang out, friday i ended up at drexel with owen justin mike drew and rachel, which was also pretty alright. Then saturday i went home.

Julie and kate came over saturday. there is something about being with your two best friends that makes you feel invincible. It felt like i was in 10th grade again, as if we were waiting for my parents to fall asleep so we could sneak out, you know the good old park the car on the side of the house trick.

and you know, we never got caught.

This weekend should be good, considering its my BIRTHDAY on saturday. Hopefully, kate and nick will be over for most of the weekend, maybe even julie, but we'll see.

Fri, Nov. 11th, 2005, 04:12 am
its not you so i dont want this kiss.

i'm not ready for this. i cannot kiss anyone, or have anyone kiss me for a long time.

i'm fucking stupid.

Tue, Nov. 1st, 2005, 08:08 am

waking up early to a nice day is amazing. I have class at 1 but i'm in a really good mood. I've been sorta sad lately. not sad just disappointed. Certain people that i thought were just so genuine and beautiful turned out to be almost opposite of that. I'm really thankful for the real friends i do have. I think its safe to say that emily is my best friend in the city, and probably one of the best friends i've had for a while. im really glad i've got her around.

I saw the new amsterdams the other night at the north star bar. It was pretty small and awesome. there were only about 50 kids there.

I've been doing a lot of music recently, i think i'm going to start singing for this jazz- like band of kids i've been hanging out with. I also met a girl last night who is voice major and plays guitar, we hung out last night and shes really talented so hopefully we can write more and she can teach me some things.

and julie robinson and i need to reunite very soon or i'm going to loose it.

17 is such a weird age. i want to drop out of school and just jump into things. I want to travel. I want to pick up my camera and go. or sing and play guitar. sometimes i really feel like i dont need school. It's so much money. I should take that money and open up a gallery or go to europe or something. I mean i'm only 17, i can't really do any of that right now. and at the same time i didn't even go trick or treating last night. i'm too young to go, and i'm too old to go back. so i guess i'll just go to drawing class from 1-4 and then buy pete and pete season 2on dvd and then andrew and I will watch it on his couch.

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